Mediterranean Gardens

Borrowing from the designs made popular in warmer climates, the Mediterranean Garden has become popularised in a number of countries in the western world as an attempt to try and add a popular theme that’s unique to an area and also to attempt to add some value to a home before selling during a good market. The most common feature of a Mediterranean style garden is the plants and layout which are distinguishable from other garden styles. Unfortunately due to the nature of the plants required to make a Mediterranean garden this style of garden is only suitable for homes that are situated in warmer climates as the most common Mediterranean plants cannot survive winters which go below freezing point.

Although as much of the world is suitable for plants which require warmer temperatures, the Mediterranean style of garden has become more and more popular over recent years. Aside from the plants, the other very common feature in all Mediterranean gardens are the walking paths so that guests or owners can admire all of the different plants that re placed in the garden. If you do happen to live in a colder climate that regularly goes below freezing in winter there are some plants that are hardy enough to survive and you may wish to consider using those plants if you are truly looking for a great mediterranean garden style. The English Lavender is not typically a mediterranean plant but it does grow well in cooler environments such as the United Kingdom whilst remaining colourful. The Southernwood is a great shrub to add general greenery to your garden and gives off a pleasant aroma for everyone to enjoy.