Garden Trowel

The development of the trowel marked an important development during human history of tool creation and use. The design itself has numerous uses across a number of industries and it is possible to find trowels in use in masonry, although their shape is different and the blade is typically flat compared to modern garden trowels. The modern style of garden trowel is a tool which has a pointed, scoop-shaped blade which is typically made from either metal or a durable plastic. It is used by gardeners to break up small patches of earth which allows the gardener to dig small holes which can then be used for planting or weeding or even for the preparation of plating by mixing in fertilizer with the soil. The trowel can also be used for removing plants from your garden in order to either discard them or, as a lot of gardeners do, to transfer the plant from the garden in to a flower pot to either be kept indoors or to be placed in another part of the garden as a decoration.

When you are looking to purchase a trowel it’s important to make sure that you find one that feels good in your hand as you’re going to spend a lot of time using it. Whether or not you prefer a metal blade or a plastic blade is largely personal preference, although many seasoned gardeners tend to swear that metal blades are far superior as they tend to last much longer than plastic blades. Whichever trowel you buy for yourself you’ll soon find that you’re surprised by the numerous uses the trowel has in any garden.