A very common garden plant that you can find in numerous gardens around the world, the Carnation makes a great addition to any flower bed and is highly recommended by expert gardeners as a great beginner plant that doesn’t require any excessive maintenance or growing procedures. Carnations are a reasonably hardy plant that can grow well in a number of different soil types and aren’t particularly fussy about the pH of the soil compared with a number of other plants.

This adds value to the carnation particularly for gardeners who don’t have large amounts of time to dedicate to gardening on a daily basis and want a garden that they can enjoy in the evening without it becoming a second job. The best way to plant carnations is to ensure that they have between 6 and 12 inches of space between them so that they have space to grow and flourish and for best results should be plants in either the spring or in autumn depending on the average temperatures during your winter or summer. If thinking about which plants you want in your own flower bed then the carnation is a classic flower.