Modern Gardens

One of the garden design styles that has taken the garden landscaping world by storm, the Modern Garden style or contemporary garden style, came into fruition with designers looking for a minimalist design that incorporates modern values and styles. The modern garden style did not appear suddenly but was a slow evolution in garden design somewhat helped along by the gradual shrinking of garden sizes within large cities so home owners found themselves wanting a stylish looking space that was also functional within a small area.

One of the features of the contemporary garden style is the lack of plants that you might typically find in gardens. Popular modern garden plants are generally plain looking plants that don’t require much maintenance which is a benefit to those who live busy lives. Although not necessarily suitable for colder climates, cactus plants are very popular amongst modern garden designers. The benefit of having small numbers of plants is that you have more space in the center of the garden which gives a space to enjoy with company. This is perhaps the most popular part of modern garden design, they are typically designed as a shared space where you can either relax as a couple or invite found some friends. You will also see in a number of modern gardens outdoor kitchens replete with outdoor cooking equipment such as a barbecue or in a more expensive garden some owners have chosen to install full ovens, although this is far from the norm.

The key to designing a modern garden is to have a vision in your head of what it is you want to actually use the garden for when it’s finished. Knowing this is important to knowing which features you can and cannot have in the garden. This is of course going to be very limited by the size you have to work with as owners of larger gardens will very often prefer to have other styles of garden design and perhaps incorporate a small area designed in the modern style rather than the entire garden itself being a contemporary design. For anyone with a small garden space looking for a design that’s both stylish and space efficient, the modern garden style design is something that you’ll want to consider.