Garden Rake

A staple for any garden with either large lawns or where there is a lot of leaf falling in the autumn time, the garden rake makes short work of keeping your garden looking pristine. The garden rake is essentially a broom that has been adapted for using outdoors, with the bristles having been replaced by more rigid teeth. There are a number of kinds of garden rake with the two most common being heavier duty and more rigid rakes that are used to rake both rocks and soil, these tend to have thicker teeth and be a sturdier build.

The second most common is the rake that is used for raking leaves, this type of rake typically has a number of teeth made from thin metal that is designed to be slightly flexible so that the user doesn’t have to worry about damaging their grass when running the rake over it to either collect up leaves or after mowing the lawn. If your garden contains a large amount of soil or you are thinking of using gravel then having a rake designed to rake through the harder surfaces is a must.